Paralympics: Late Night



In the Tennis, Britain broke back back, and held to make it 3-2* to Britain. But now Britain has a chance to break again! Advantage us.. we lose! Advantage France.. They Lose! Advantage France.. But it goes back to Deuce as it goes out by GB. But Hewett returns the serve beautifly and Advantage us.... WE BREAK! 4*-2 to GB on Set 2

In the Discus, 1 throw to go, Neill in 8th with 23.13, 3rd Amaimia with 26.16, 2nd is currently McCarthy with 26.67, and the by miles World record by Tlili is still 33.38.

Britain and France have both held in the tennis, 5-3 but France have a chance to Break! 0-40... GB has saved one.. 15-40.. Out from GB and Break France! 5-4* to Britain!

Sorry, completely forgot that GB are in the Semis of the Men's Wheelchair Basketball against Spain. We have 5:00 left and it's 56-49 to Spain

No change in the end of the Discus. Tunisia GOLD and BRONZE! Ireland Silver! GB 8th

In the Tennis we Break Back and get the Set 6-4! 1 Set All!

In the Basketball it's 62-55 to Spain with 2 minutes to go. 2 more points to Spain, 1 minute left..

3 points to GB! 1 more for Spain! Another 3 for GB! 65-61,32.1 seconds to go.

2 more for Spain, I think this is over. But another 2 pointer for GB! But, 2 to Spain.. Game.. well done. Spain go to the Gold Medal Match GB go to the Bronze medal match.

Now to the Tennis! The deciding set in the Gold Medal match of the Men's Doubles between France (Houdet and Peifer) v Great Britain (Reid and Hewett)