Paralympics: Late Night



France are 2*-1 up on Britain as we join. But it's 15-30, can Britain break back? Maybe! 30-40, Break Point... Into the net by GB! Deuce. And again! Advantage France.. But out by France.. Deuce. Wide from GB! And Game France. 3-1* to France

I have 1 Minute Break! And suddenly France has 3 break Points! Into the net from France.. 15-40 SO CLOSE But that Winner goes Just wide, no hawkeye for some silly reason in the wheelchair tennis. 30-40 But France get the break! 4*-1

A brit hits it JUST wide. And Into the net! 30-0. France hold easy. Now, Long from GB! 0-30! TRIPLE GOLD POINT FRANCE! Winner by A Frenchman! GOLD FOR FRANCE! SILVER FOR GB!

But one last event I will Minute By Minute for you today. Women's 4x100m Relay T35/36/37/38

The Lineup for that is Columbia GB Australia China Germany

Here we go, the 4x100m relay. And we're off! GB already 3rd, But China take the lead, China, GB, Australia, GB v China! China Leads the entire Race and just holds off GB For GOLD! WORLD RECORD! 50.81 GB Silver 51.07, Australia Bronze 55.09

What a race, what a night, well, I've been Ewan (@ewanssports) I'm off to bed, I need all the sleep I can if i'm gonna watch the DelPo v Murray Davis Cup match tomorrow. Anyway, Goodbye!