Western Bulldogs



Welcome to todays coverage of the Hawks and the Bulldogs. What a game we have on our hands! The legendary hawks face elimination tonight after a brilliant game against Geelong last week. The dogs ready themselves for their toughest challenge yet. A win for either team puts them straight into a preliminary final berth against the Giants.

The Hawks carry all the experience. Three consecutive flags hold them in good stead aand it is easy to see why they are the favourite. They wont be underestimating the Bulldogs however, who's run and gun style has won them many plaudits. An impressive win over in the West has them filled with confidence.

Score predictions? Hawthorn loom ominous but 90% of Australia are hoping the Dogs get up. Hawks experience may be too much however.

Not a strong point for the Hawks but I have a feeling contested possesion may decide this one. The dogs will want to get out and run. The Hawks will have to look to restrict that.

The teams have lined up for the anthem. Not long now. I see my petetion to play up there cazaly has once again been denied.


Q1 18:10 Bulldogs with all the pressure early. Lots of stoppages. Crowd already hates the umpires. Standard.

Q1 17:00 Dickson gets the first... Okay. He misses from 15 metres. Early let off for the Hawks.

Q1 15:40 Suckling recieving some boos from the Brown and Gold crowd.

Bulldogs dealing with the presure well early. Just need to make it count on the scoreboard.