Western Bulldogs



Thats all from us tonight ladies and gents. We hope to see you tomorrow night here for the second Semi final. My name is @alexcatto33 and this has been a lot of fun.

FT stats. What a game from Macrae. Bont was amazing too.

FT. End of an era. The dogs get another goal on the board as Daniel gets one after the siren. Wjat a night for Bulldogs fans. Hawthorns modern dominance comes to an ubrupt and unceremonious end. Haw 12.12.84 WB 16.11.107.

Q4 1:06 Hodge gets a great consolation goal. On the run from 55. Bangs it through.

Q4 2:47 Game over. The dogs will take on GWS next week for a spot in the big dance.

Hawks turning up the heat but the dogs look to be holding firm.

Q4 5:20 Burgoyne gets his shot from 40. He slots it through. Surely they couldnt? 24 points.

Q4 6:10 Fitzpatrick marks in the square from a quick Hawthorn break. He goes back and slots it through.

Q4 8:00 Puopolo gets a chance but misses from a tight angle. Hawks trail by 36 points.

Macrae has 36 possessions. What a night for him.