Western Bulldogs



Cant believe its a one point game.

HT stats. Dunkley having the game of his young career.

We will be back with the second half.

Q3 Bounce.

Q3 19:16 Sicily gets the first chance of the swcomd half. Misses to the left. Would have been the perfect start.

Q3 16:14 Hawthorn get the first goal of the second half. Hawks take it the length of the grounf and Breust is found running in to an open goal.

Q3 14:40 Picken is pushed by Isaac Smith just 20 metres out. He goals! Dogs answer quickly!

Q3 13:38 Gunston appears to goal but is ruled a behind on review. Australia rejoices.

Q3 11:51 Shiels and Smith have both missed in the last few minutes. Nervy.

Q3 10:35 STRINGER GIVES THE DOGS THE LEAD. Smith finds him with an inspired kick from the boundary. Stringer gets his second.