Western Bulldogs



The Hawks have riggled out of some tight spots over the years. This will take the biggest effort yet.

Q4 bounce.

Q4 18:30 Bont! Intercepts the handball and hits Dickson inside 50. He converts. 32 point lead to the sons of the West.

Hawthorn need a miracle now. If anyone can do it.

Q4 16:44 Breust lines up from a mark inside 50. He hits the post. Needed that desperately.

Q4 15:03 PICKEN. Marks a chaos ball and runs into an open goal! The dogs are surely home now.

Q4 14:05 Stringer gets another opportunity as Hunter finds him on the lead. Doesnt manage a score from 50.

Q4 12:05 Picken! Gets his third. Dribbles it home from 30. Hawthorn fans have started to shuffle out of the ground. What a night for the Dogs.

Q4 11:08 Shiels gets one back for Hawks. Gets a lucky bounce through. About the only thing that has gone their way tonight.

Macrae has 36 possessions. What a night for him.