Paralympics: Can Sarah Storey Win Gold In The Road Race?



Women's 800m T54 Tatiana McFadden (USA) is favourite in the first heat. Jade Jones is our GB representative. McFadden wins by a quarter of a lap. Jones came 4th. Not clear yet if she qualified for the final

It appears that there is no breakaway in the road race and both Storey and Lane are tucked in to the bunch. Ah, Jade Jones didn't get a place in the 800m final.

Pete Farr

Storey in 3rd

Sammy Kinghorn in the T53 800m heat qualified in 3rd place for tonight's final.

Meanwhile Jo Frith has als made it through to the semi final of the archery! That's 3 of the 4 semi finalists from GB. Good stuff ladies.

I cannot believe what Iwan Thomas just said. Sammy Kinghorn gave an emotional interview about her grandad who died last week. "Losing her grandfather but gaining 4 seconds on her personal best" says Thomas. As if that makes up for it.

Roddy Graham

Jesus. He really is useless at times.

Nick Chenery

Wow. Yeah cause that'll instantly make her feel better..

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Cycling update. A breakaway in the Women's C5 RR has a 44 second lead. Peloton includes Sarah Storey and Crystal Lane.

Jess Stretton has beaten Vicky Jenkins in the archery semi-final.

T51 400m Men's final at the athletics. Stephen Osborne is hoping for a GB medal here. Oh he's from Dartford. I used to work there. Just saying. Never met him.

It was won by Genyn of Belgium with Osborne in 5th.

All GB final in the archery. Excellent. Maybe even a clean sweep of the medals!