Evening All - Week 2 of Titan watch as Tennessee head to the Motor City to take on the Detroit Lions, looking to bounce back from last week's disappointing defeat at the hands of Minnesota.

The defence played well and didn't concede a touchdown in defeat last week. Unfortunately the offence coughed up two huge turnovers which went back for touchdowns. Titans elect to receive the opening kick off and Marc Mariana runs it back towards the 20 yard line. Hold on the return and they are backed up to the 7 yard line

1st & 10 - DaMarco Murray up the middle but another flag on the play. Offside against the defense so a bit of breathing space.

TEN 1st & 5 - Murray stopped by Williams in the backfield for a loss of about a yard.

TEN 2nd & 5 - Murray again and he picks up a couple of yards. Conservative start by the Titans

TEN 3rd & 5 - Injury for Ansah of the Lions and he limps off. Low snap taken by Mariota and a quick pass to Murray out of the backfield and he gets to the marker for a first down.

TEN 1st & 10 (TEN 19) - All about Murray at the moment. Another run for about three yards.

TEN 2nd & 7 - Derrick Henry this time and he finds some room and pumps his legs and picks up 9 yards for another Titan first down.

TEN 1st & 10 - Mariota finds a wide open Delanie Walker and a 32 yard pick up sees the Titans move into Detroit territory.

TEN 1st & 10 - Henry into the pile as flags are thrown. Another defensive offside and another cheap 5 yards.