Panthers end game with FG, win over 49ers 46-27.


:27 left in first, 1st and 10 panthers. Ball from own 16. Tolbert runs for 3 yards. To the 19. End of the first quarter in Charlotte, Panthers lead 7-3.

From the 20, 10 yard gain on 2nd down. Big play for the Panthers. First down from the 29. 14:30 2nd quarter, Panthers lead 7-3.

Newton to Whitaker. Into 49ers territory at the 47. 30 yard gain on a beautiful pass.

Newton pass dropped by Whitaker. 2nd and 10. Whitaker fumbles! 49ers ball. Eric Armstead recovers. Whitaker gets a hard hit by Chris Davis. The guy who returned the missed FG by Alabama in 2013 for Auburn. Two turnovers for the Panthers. Play will be looked at.

Ruling stands. 49ers ball.

Loss of two yards. 13:30 2nd. Slow moving game with all the turnovers and multiple replay reviews. Niners at their own 40.

Nine yard gain. 49ers have a 3rd and short.

Niners first down on 3rd and 3. Flag though on San Francisco wipes it away. 3rd and long.

Whitaker being evaluated for concussion. Daryl Worley allows pass on long 3rd down. 1st and 10 in Panthers territory with 11:20 2nd.

Big run for the 49ers. Draughn inside the Panthers 30. 1st and 10. From the Carolina 29. Hyde for 1 yard.