Panthers end game with FG, win over 49ers 46-27.


TD Torrey Smith! 49ers lead. 28-yard TD pass from Gabbert to Smith. 10:02 2nd, and 49ers lead 9-7.

XP is good. 10-7 49ers.

Panthers return kickoff back to the 20 or so. Actually the 22. 9:52 2nd, 10-7 San Francisco. Big play. Greg Olsen. TD Panthers! 78 yards. Huge play.

Just like that, it is 14-10 Panthers.

9:40 2nd, and a touchback for the 49ers. 1 out of every 4 completions and TD passes for Panthers have been Newton to Olsen since Newton came in 2011.

Loss of yardage on 1st down. 2nd and 12 49ers. Ball at 23 of the 49ers. Short pass. 3rd and medium for San Francisco. 8:50 till halftime.

No catch. Would have been a first down at the 49ers 37, but ball hit ground. 4th and 8, Niners punt.

Fair catch at the Panthers 17.

BIg play Panthers, to #43, to the 37 of the Panthers. Whitaker.

Screen to Whitaker gets 6-7 yards. Halfway through the 2nd quarter in Charlotte, 14-10 Panthers.