Evening....late starters here.....Sky sticking with the Steelers v Bengals game means we've only just got coverage

Rams playing in LA for the first time in 22 years, coming off a shut out last week up against a Seattle side that did not impress against Miami

You join us with 10:38 to go in the 1st, and LA have their first points of the season.

Greg Zeurlein kicking a 39 yard field goal to end an opening drive in which Case Keenum went 5/7 for 40 yards.

Starting at their 25, Seattle have handed off twice to Thomas Rawls......he's lost 2 and 9 yards on those plays.

3rd and 21 for Seattle on the other side of an injury timeout.

Wilson in the shotgun, dumps it to Micheal on a screen with a defender in his face. Worth 7. Punt time.

Ryan's punt goes out of bounds at the Ram 39. It should be said, the Rams are wearing their classic Rams throwback unis....

1st & 10 - LA 39 - Tavon Austin gets the handoff, he goes right for 8

2nd & 2 - Gurley goes left, gets to the marker but there's a flag. Holding on Greg Robinson moves them back 10.