Evening All - Monday Night baseball for you, and I'm not going to over sell this. It's a bit of a non event to be honest with you as the Chicago White Sox (who have no chance of qualifying for the playoffs) take on the World Champion Kansas City Royals (who have a supermodel's waist size chance of making the playoffs)

The AL Central is almost certainly going to Cleveland who are 10 games clear of the 3rd placed Royals. Kansas City's slim hopes are for a wildcard slot, but they are 7th in that race and five games behind the Toronto Blue Jays who currently hold the last place in the American League playoff chase.

However, we are not going to let the lack of importance on this game detract from our coverage, and we will be giving this game the full MBM coverage that we know you love! And there is nothing else on the telly worth watching tonight so why not join us for this one.

The Line Up cards are in (well they've been posted on line) so let's have a look at how the White Sox line up tonight

CHICAGO WHITE SOX: CF Adam Eaton SS TIm Anderson LF Melky Cabrera 1B Jose Abreu DH Justin Morneau 3B Todd Frazier RF Avisail Garcia C Omar Narvaez 2B Carlos Sanchez P - Carlos Rondon

KANSAS CITY ROYALS: CF Billy Burns 2B Whit Merrifield 1B Eric Hosmer DH Kendrys Morales RF Paulo Orlando LF Alex Gordon SS Alcides Escobar 3B Christian Colon C Drew Butera P Yordano Ventura

First pitch is just moments away. Avail yourself of refreshments to see you through the next three hours or so and settle back for some baseball action.

Wow ESPN not showing any build up to this one and we cut to coverage right as the first pitch flies in to Adam Eaton of the Sox. HE strikes out on 3 pitches for an exceptionally quick out.

Tim Anderson is up next for the White Sox. He lasts four pitches and is struck out looking. A fast start for Yordano Ventura.

Melky Cabrera flies the 2nd pitch out to right field and that was a fairly rapid start CWS 0-0 KC Middle of the 1st