Philadelphia Eagles

Chicago Bears



Evening everyone. Jody Jamieson here with Monday Night Football, live from Soldier Field. Quick disclaimer that I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan and thus my level of impartiality might be compromised here. Don't worry Bears fans, we'll all have fun, and I'm actually tipping a 23-17 Bears win, so it's all good.

The Eagles beat the Browns in Week 1 pretty convincingly, but despite yesterday, don't be fooled. The Browns are atrocious. The pleasing aspect though was Carson Wentz, who many expected to sit for a while, started and played extremely well. The Bears lost in Houston after their offensive line struggled big time in the 2nd half. They should have a somewhat easier night tonight up front.

One area where the Bears should feel extremely confident if they can sort out the offensive line problems, is that it'll give the Bears strong receiving corps ample time to get open against a weak set of Eagles cornerbacks. If the Eagles can't win the line of scrimmage on defense, then it'll likely be a long night.

Much like the Bears offense, the Eagles don't have their problems to seek on the offensive line. They kept Wentz pretty clean against Cleveland, but tonight will be a much bigger challenge. There is a lot of excitement around Wentz, but he couldn't have asked for a better Week 1 matchup. His first road game will also be an interesting challenge.

National anthem. Few Eagles players, led by Malcolm Jenkins, give the black power salute. Mandatory patriotism is quite stupid at the best of times. Colin Kaepernick opened a can of worms that the NFL is struggling to close, try as they might.

Kick off fast approaching. 82 degrees in Fahrenheit. I don't know what that is in Celsius. Apart from pretty hot. Eagles kick off. Returned to the 23. Time for Jay Cutler.

First down is a Langford run for a loss of 1. That'll do me.

Play action, and before Cutler turns, he's sacked by Malcolm Jenkins on a safety blitz! 3rd and 20 coming up.

Cutler floats one over the head of the running back. Incomplete. Pleasing first series for the Eagles D.

O'Donnell punts to Sproles who fair catches at the PHI 46. Good field position for Philadelphia's first drive.