Labour Leadership Result: Jeremy Corbyn Expected To Thump Owen Smith



Morning folks. A man described by a lot of political experts as "unelectable" is about to win a second leadership vote in a year. This is the Labour Leadership results live. You're very welcome to be here.

Vicky Derbyshire on BBC is telling us that the result is due in around 45 minutes time. 500,000 votes have been cast. Corbyn expected to get somewhere near to 2/3 of the vote. No bad for the worst leader in decades. Apparently.


"Jeremy Corbyn Expected To Thump Owen Smith" Am I the only one reading this a little bit too literally?

Roddy Graham

I hope it happens. Literally. Physically and in terms of the vote.

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This BBC montage of the "Road To Re-Election" is actually rather good. Wee graphics on screen and music a good mix. Not often I say that about the BBC either...

This clip of Cameron saying "for heaven's sake man...go" is the best part though. The man who has quite literally, exited the building. As leader. As MP. Twit.

There's a rather jolly feel inside the party conference (or pre-conference, whatever we're on today). Look...there's singing Scouse women and everything!

Clive Lewis MP is on Team Corbyn. He seems a rather lovely chap. But needs to stop using his hands to communicate quite so much. KEEP THEM STILL MAN!

If you're a fan of Corbyn and numbers (and quite frankly, who doesn't love a good number!), you'll enjoy this from BBC Newsnight.

It's funny how political satire from the 80s is still very relevant in 2016. Here's one wee example...

There's 5 Labour Party members on the BBC just now. All (bar one) look under the age of 30. Not a single smile among them. One guy moans about "abuse" on social media. Just block. Move on mate. Turn your phone off. *sighs*