Tour Championship: Round Three



Come with me as we watch rich professional golfers compete to get even richer... The 3rd round is well under way but I have had that line in my head all day so couldn't resist using it.

@Larne bringing you the closing stages of the 3rd round. In truth that earlier line is a little harsh. I enjoy the fed ex cup but there is something grotesque about mostly millionaires competing for £10 million pounds jackpot.

DJ like most of the year has hit his baby fade to perfection and is dominating the field. I know he is talented but my god I find him so dull.

DJ is currently -9 and has a 2 shot lead over Kevin Chappell. Dj has just bogeyed the 13th. Chappell Making a really late case for Ryder cup contention. 'VERY DOUBTFUL'

Kevin has been beating himself up today! Needs to learn to not be so hard on himself and control his emotions.* *Says me who through my driver 100 yards earlier which went further then my attempted drive.

Here's a Leaderboard... Another Late charge for Ryder cup comes in the way of Ryan Moore who is at -6 and played really well. Rory is lurking and could maybe make a psosible charge..

OK Folks... If you drift of the fair way you are in trouble on this course. DJ on the 520 YARD Par 4. (Hilarious distance) found that rough and proper had to gouge out and came up short of green. Will have trouble making par from there. needs to be a good up and down.

So DJ -9 now... Has 75 yards his 3rd shot on a par 4 .... It a good effort but will have a testing 10ft. THESE GREENS ARE LIGHTENING!

Casey who has played superbly throughout this series is at -2. He isn't quite challenging in this tournament but should be pleased with his efforts. Knox who wanted to 'Stick it to Darren' and win the FED ex is at +1 and is not troubling anyone.

Ohhh Dj -9... ironically comes up just short with his par putt at 14 and drops another shot. Back to back Bogeys for Dj . So now we have a 1 shot lead. Dj is at -8. Chappell at -7 AND,.................