Washington Redskins

New York Giants



Will the Giants move to 3-0 and put the Redskins to 0-3, or will the Redskins get their first win of the season? Nathan Waywell (@nw_1711) here for Redskins V Giants!

One of the big stories of todays game is the rivalry between Odell Beckham Jr and Josh Norman renewed. A couple of scraps between them last season. Hope that happens again today!

And the Redskins get us underway! The play ends with a touchback and the Giants will get the ball on their own 25...

1st & 10 - Manning hands it off to Vereen and it will be 2nd & 8. 2nd & 8 - Manning gets the ball to Darnell and the Giants will now have a 3rd & 7...

3rd & 7 - Manning throws it away and the punting team will now come out. Damn!! Yes, I am a Giants fan.

4th & 7 - Redskins fumble it!!!! GIANTS BALL!


The PAT is good! Giants take a 7-0 lead after a Redskins fumble from a punt. It was a fumble as a Redskin touched it. A small touch, but it was a touch. After the fumble Vereen ran it for a first down, Shepard caught it on the 1 yard line the play after that and then Vereen gave the Giants a 7 point lead with a rush!

On the touchdown run, Norman lifted Beckham when he jumped up. First of many things to probably happen today between those 2. The Giants kick goes out of bounds and Washington will get the ball on their 40.

1st & 10 - Cousins hands it off to the RB Matt Jones and he picks up 2 yards. 2nd & 8 - Thompson gets the 1st down after a couple of blocks allowed him to get past mid field.