Evening All - Stephen Clark here for some more Titans football as they look to build on last week's win over the Vikings as they welcome the Oakland Raiders to Nissan Field in Nashville.

Both sides 1-1 heading into Week 3 - Oakland are all about offence, the Titans strength is the defence. Should be an interesting match up. Kick off is on the way shortly

Raiders won the toss and have deferred. They kick off to Marc Mariani and the Titans will start at the 25 ad the ball goes into the end zone

TEN 1st & 10 - Quick pass by Mariota to Rashard Matthews for a 14 yard pick up.

TEN 1st & 10 - (TEN 39) - Hand off to DaMarco Murray for a couple of yards.

TEN 2nd & 7 - Murray down the left hand side and he finds a hole and keeps those legs pumping. 17 yard pick up and into Raider territory.

TEN 1st & 10 - Looks to the side line and Sharpe but it's incomplete. My stream has frozen so I may be a little behind the action, just like that throw was.

TEN 2nd & 10 - Derrick Henry runs into Smith for a four yard pick up.

TEN 3rd & 6 - Mariota to Chase Amano for his first ever catch as a Titan. 17 yard pick up for the replacement tight end. Delanie Walker missing through injury tonight.

TEN 1st & 10 is incomplete to Sharpe. On 2nd down Murray probably gets a yard at the most up the middle.