Kansas City Chiefs

New York Jets



Chiefs 17 - 3 Jets. 8.47 to play

Somehow Jalen Marshall draws a PI from Gaines. 1st and goal

Enunwa with a brilliant effort but couldn''t quite hold on in the end zone. 2nd down

INTERCEPTION!! Diabolical decision making from Fitzpatrick who looks panicked from the second the ball is snapped, nearly runs into trouble and then throws it where there was never the room and Marcus Bloody Peters intercepts in the end zone. AGAIN!!!

This is a 10 year veteran quarterback people. He is making throws that a rookie would make. In Junior School. With a blindfold.

3 and out for the Chiefs. Jets D really have been good.

Enunwa drops an absolute shell from Fitz. Not easy but he's been making those the past couple of weeks. Bilal carries well on 3rd down and the chains move.

In a sequence of events which sums up his night Ryan Fitzpatrick throws the ball right into the back of Left guard Ryan Clady's head from about 2 yards away. Luckily the ball bounces safe and Clady's head definitely saved the ball from yet another pick.

Credit the KC defensive backs. They have been all over this much vaunted Jets WR unit today, So... 4th and 10 for the Jets. Genuinely Fitz could have been picked off 3 times in 5 plays. And on the 6th he is picked off. Wow... I wouldn't like to know what his fantasy points tally is today. Hang on...

In standard formats he would currently have 1.88 points. I can't believe it's that many.