Kansas City Chiefs

New York Jets



Ground and pound again. Forte breaks off 5 more. 3rd and short.

Fitz scrambles, fumbles, recovers and somehow makes about 10. By hook or by crook.

Forte hammered by Derrick Johnson but gains 2.

Another off target throw by the Amish rifle and Jets are 3rd and long

Chiefs bring the heat, Fitz feels it and just lobs it up high where the interception machine Marcus Peters steps in front of Jalen Marshall and picks it off. Chiefs with great starting position.

Loss of two on some sort of bizarre end around

Shovel pass to Ware but excellent down field blocking means a big gain and 1st down again. Jets not at the races against the Chiefs O line thus far.

Another 1st follows with a 12 yard gain to Hill

Way way way too easy. No pressure on the QB, Kelce runs a basic crossing route underneath and goes largely uncontested to the end zone.

XP is good. My mood is not.