Kansas City Chiefs

New York Jets



We're back underway and the Chiefs will start from their 8 after a ridiculous attempt to run the ball back.

Abysmal coverage and then tackling from Marcus Williams gives KC another 1st. Same play to Maclin gives them another. Jets have got to stop these underneath routes.

In other NFL news Carson Wentz is damn good at football

So.. the Jets eventually manage a stop on 3rd down and the Chiefs must give it back. Great punt from Colquitt again. Jets start from the 8.

Matt Forte running like a veteran of 15000 odd scrimmage yards.... 15 yard gain on 1st down

Worryingly, I have literally not seen Eric Decker at all in this game. Not been targeted even once. Surely that's not part of the game plan? Not seen very much of Enunwa either... Fitz flies one on Marshall again and Jets have to punt away. This is very depressing.

Just partaking of a beverage now. Your very finest stubby beers available from the cultural Mardi Gras that is Aldi...

This was called by the commentary team before the play. Travis Kelce inexplicably left one on one with Calvin Pryor and the good old slant route gains him about 40 yards. Nigh on every big play has gone the same way today but the Jets cannot stop it.

TOUCHDOWN!! Spencer Ware bounces to the outside, some non-existent tackling again and he tags the pylon for another score. Its being reviewed but it should stand.

Might need a few more of these Aldi beers if I'm to endure the rest of this