Kansas City Chiefs

New York Jets



And of course... seeing as I was so confident that this would be a TD, it isn't. Ware apparently fumbled the ball into the end zone resulting in a touch back. Wow... what a lifeline for the Jets.

Now Brandon Marshall finally manages to draw a PI penalty from Gaines and it's a decent gain. Not much from Forte on 1st down. Jets need to up the tempo.

Draw play takes Forte to a yard shy of the 1st....

Short completion to Enunwa for a first down.

Some sweet moves typical of a man 10 years his junior from Forte and he continues to rumble. 2nd and 3

Fitz hits Enunwa over the middle again and the Jets reach the 18

Fitz hits Marshall in the end zone but he's squeezed out of bounds.... 2nd down

On 3rd down the Jets call a short pass (shock) and they're a yard short. Going for it on 4th and 1....

Amazing statistic being touted that the Jets are 0-62 in road games when trailing by 14 at half time. The omens aren't good then. They complete to Enunwa on a nicely designed play though and move the chains for another set of downs.

Lord only knows what Fitzpatrick was trying to do on 1st down. Awful throw is nearly picked.