Clash of Champions



Sheamus with a Razor's Edge into a backbreaker. That was cool. 2 count

Cesaro with a roll up. Sheamus kicks out, but Cesaro turns it straight into a giant swing. Few revolutions then into the sharpshooter. Sheamus gets the ropes. This is a good match.

Cesaro with that mental superplex when he's on the second rope and the opponent is standing on the apron. Sheamus blocks it. Goes for white noise on the apron. Cesaro uses the ropes the escape, then does a dive to the outside and lands on his head. Don't do that kids.

Cesaro is thankfully not dead. He eats a brogue kick but a kick out!

Sheamus now working the neck. Makes sense. Nice improvisation. It's brief though as Cesaro hits a neutraliser! But only 2!

Cesaro unloads with uppercuts. Sheamus goes to the top but Cesaro hits that mad dropkick. Sheamus on the apron. Cesaro takes him up to the buckle. It looks like he's setting up for a superplex to the outside. Sheamus head butts him off and then goes for a clothesline from the top but jumps into an uppercut! They're pulling out all the stops.

Sheamus with white noise on the outside.

Cesaro runs him into the ring post and then clotheslines him over the barricade. The doctors are tending to both. This isn't the finish surely??

And yeah. Neither man can continue and the match it called off. Bell goes. Bullshit. Cesaro says he can continue. Sheamus trying to fight to his feet.

Sheamus can't stand. Like a valiant babyface. Fans chanting "let them fight" Cesaro rolls back into the ring. Screams at Sheamus who gets led out by the refs even though he's trying to fight them off. Doesn't work. Fans boo. This is a bullshit finish in a best of 7. Would get over huge in a singles match.