Less than 40 minutes from football in Pittsburgh between the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Giants were down 35-7 in the 3rd quarter. Now it's 35-35.

Big game for AFC playoff purposes.

If Steelers win, they will gain a playoff spot for this week. Jets will fall back out of position.

Steelers start at 20. SIx yard gain to Bryant to 26. 14:45.

PBU by Broncos. 14:23 1st.

Gain of 12 on the play by Markus Wheaton. Good play for the Steelers.

Was the elbow down? Ball at 38 of the Steelers. De'Angelo Williams with several yards.

Panthers beat the Giants 38-35 on a last play FG. Giants came back from 35-7. De'Angelo Williams, former Panther, gets a 2 yard gain. 12:40

Steelers will punt. Broncos fair catch at their own 16. 11:40 1st quarter, Steelers 0, Broncos 0. Flag on play.