Blatter and Platini Banned



He's still going...bored now. He'll fight it. He'll lose. But the damage has already been done. Enjoy your day everyone!

"I have no access to FIFA, to books" - seems the ban also applies to XBox and libraries. Wow.

Oh, wait...we're back live..."at the end of the 2014 WC I should have listened to my daughter and left...I didn't"

Don't think we'll hear much more from Sepp live on Sky. And we'll never know about the plaster. Sighs.

Best line of the conference..."The ethics committee cannot go against the President". Basically the baby going LA LA LA with fingers in ears

Blatter saying he was shocked he was suspended and "they made me not able to do my job".

Sky News now cutting away from Sepp...discussing the "I am sorry - not sorry" remark. Weird presser that.

Still nobody has asked the burning question..."Sepp, WTF is that massive plaster all about?"

"If it cannot be proven, then you cannot be guilty" - yeah, expect it can be proven Sepp. Has been proven.

Said the 2022 World Cup should have been held in USA...says "if that had happened would we be here today?"