Blatter and Platini Banned



"Let us say, that I am really sorry" wow....he's apologised! Nope...sorry he's a punching ball. That's what he's sorry for.

He's sorry for the way he's treated in this world...actual words out of his has no remorse.

"You can identify me as an optimist" Aye, that and a corrupt scumbag pal.

Still no answer as to why he's wearing that hip-hop star plaster on his face. That'd be what I'd ask if in the room.

I have no idea what's going on now...his train of thought has completely run out...something about money and 1998.

Now rambling about Platini working for FIFA for £1million. Despite talking in English, I'd like a translator for this.

Says the "gentleman's agreement" with Platini is still valid. He just does not get it, does he? He never will either. Clueless.

Call the payment a "donation, a gift". Doesn't see it as corrupt. Not to buy votes. A gift. Wow.

Now starts telling the media they "cannot change the history of FIFA". Perhaps not. But together, we can change the future mate.

Still calls the payment "a gift" time after time. Cannot believe he has been suspended for 8 years. Says he'll fight for him and FIFA.


Eight years without football isn't so bad. Sturridge seems to get by.