Jacksonville Jaguars

Indianapolis Colts



Afternoon folks! Charles Wheeler here, actually live from actual Wembley! Our proper coverage of Jags vs Colts will be getting underway in a little while, but I'm checking in early as your on-the-ground reporter (a ByTheMin first!). I'll be here throughout the game with whatever news, reactions and photos I can supply. Stick around!

And ill be your other reporter! Im Nathan Waywell (@nw_1711) and unfortunately I am not at Wembley, I am sat on my sofa... Also I am currently not in a good mood because United played like a Sunday League team against Stoke, but I will save all that ranting for the @ByTheMinManUtd podcast. Anyway, hopefully this game can cheer me up!

GROUND REPORT: the Jags mascot made a better entrance to Wembley than its team has to this NFL season, zip wiring in from the rafters. Hopefully I've embedded this video properly. One thing I'm not gonna bother videoing is the musical act, which is notorious rape apologists Robin Thicke. Excuse me while I take a 20-minute trip to the loo.

Both teams have entered the arena to a awesome reception from the Wembley crowd. It could be argued today is a must win for Jacksonville, as it will be tough for them to come back from 0-4.

The coin toss has just been completed and the Colts will receive first.

Now its time for the National Anthems of USA and England.... Cromartie of the Colts is kneeling and doing the Black Power salute for the US Anthem.

And we are off! And the game begins with a touchback. It is now time for Luck to come out and lead the Colts.

1st & 10 - Gore picks up 3 yards on the first snap of the game. 2nd & 7 - Luck finds a receiver and it will now be 3rd & short. 3rd & 2 - Luck's pass is incomplete and the Colts' punting team will now come to the field.

Pat Mcafee kicks it and the Jags will start with a reasonably good field position.

1st & 10 - Bortles hands it off to to Yeldon for 4. 2nd & 6 - Bortles' pass is incomplete. 3rd 7 6 - Bortles rushes with the ball but cannot get the first down so the Jags will now punt the ball.