Minnesota Vikings

New York Giants



TD Jerick McKinnon! Vikings lead after a 4 yd run by McKinnon. 9:20 to play in the game, 23-10 MIN.


A big game tonight in Minneapolis, the home of this weekend's Ryder Cup. The 3-0 Minnesota Vikings battle the 2-1 New York Giants in about a half hour from the new US Bank Stadium.

The Vikings made a smart scheduling strategy avoiding the Ryder Cup, as now this game has the national spotlight all to its own.

Eli Manning is going for his 100th win as the QB of the New York Giants tonight. Sam Bradford is going for his 4th as the Vikings QB.

The GMC Monday Night Red Carpet Kickoff is on now. What a name...

Eli Manning in Minnesota is 2-5, with 5 TDs, 14 ints, and a whopping 54.8 QB rating.

The purple scoreboard is big and ferocious. The lights are off in Minnesota, and we are getting ready for a big game in the NFC.

Gruden and McDonough...

The Ryder Cup trophy has been brought out to midfield for the coin toss in Minnesota.

The Vikings win the toss and defer.

Dwayne Harris all the way to the Giants 40. Great start for New York on the road, as Eli Manning makes his 187th consecutive start.