World Darts Championship (Night 6)



Night Number 6 at the Ally Pally - Anyone for Darts?

Sky Sports have named me The Sandman - Probably because I put you all to sleep!

So with that name I need some walk on music - So here we go

A cracking night of darts ahead and will we have a shock tonight? We'll certainly have some drama Chisnall, Jenkins and Newton on display

Last night of course saw Robert Thornton knocked out by Alan Norris - Some top chucking from Chuck!

Dean Winstanley - who threw a 9 darter a couple of years ago is up against Ronny Huybrechts first up

Four games in total tonight and Niall Hawthorne is on here later as well. You guys are so spoiled!

Here we go then. Walk on time and up first it's Huybrechts. A bit of Rebel Rebel from Bowie to come on to.A song Mr Hawthorne may approve of

Dean Winstanley come on to Like A Prayer by Madonna. A pretty subdued crowd early on. Sure that will change very quickly

Of course you lot don't need to be quiet. If you fancy chipping in, just hit that reply button and let us know what you think!