World Darts Championship (Night 6)



Good Evening! It's @NiallHawthorne here, or instead, tonight Matthew I'm Niall 'Nine Dart' Hawthorne. Indeed.


It's taken 9 darts to score 201 so far tonight


I'm called 'Nine Dart' as that's how many darts it takes me to score anything...

I've got a walk-on song MADE for Darts Walk-Ons. Cork's finest, The Sultans Of Ping FC.

Next up we have Dave 'Chizzy Rascal' Chisnall v Rowdy Roddy Piper. I can't fecking wait.

Hang on...Sorry, it's Rowby John Rodriguez. My bad. In any case, I'm hearing whispers of a possible upset. Chizzy is 'unpredictable'.

D10 required for Chizzy and he HITS THE 10! As in the plastic number 10 on the edge of the board. Awful...ROWDY STEALS THE LEG ON TOPS! 0-1.

Chizzy hits D6, his 5th attempt at a double in this match, to level us up at 1-1 in legs in Set 1.

Chizzy has missed 2 more darts at doubles. He's back again though for D5 and he gets it! Rowdy (I know it's Rowby) is way behind. 2-1.

Jaysus. The commentators are criticising brown shoes with black trousers as a fashion faux pas. HAVE YOU SEEN THESE GUYS SHIRTS AND HAIR?


I don't think even me and Tori went near the darts fashion question last night so these guys really ought to steer clear.


A severe case of 'lack of self-awareness'! Mardle questioning fashion! Dear Lord...

Rowdy is back for D2 to level us up. Nope...MADHOUSE...YES! D1 it is! We're 2-2 in Set 1.

Chizzy needs 60 to win Set 1. Rowdy on 139. TOPS? YES! Set 1 goes to Chizzy! He's looking sharp on the lipstick, slack on the doubles.