New York Mets

San Francisco Giants



Hello and welcome to the min by min coverage of the National League Wildcard Game. It's between 3 times World Series Champions of the 2010's and last year's runners up the New York Mets at Citi Field. I am Thomas Frost (Frosty_Potter89) and I shall be your writer for this one game playoff! Teams to come!

Giants Pitcher:

Mets Pitcher:

Giants Lineup:

Mets Lineup:

I'm back with caffeine at the ready! They're just introducing the players at the moment. First pitch should be in about 7 minutes or so.

National Anthem time. It's performed by a violin player in a wheelchair. Citi Field looking spectacular.

I'm a Mets fan as you may well know if you follow me on Twitter so apologies in advance if I appear biased!

The son of a fallen New York policeman throws out the first pitch. Span, Belt and Posey to lead off the NL Wildcard game for the Giants.

Wish it would start already. Nerves! Need this game to start ASAP!