NFL Week 5 Preview



Week 5. We're already at the end of the 1st quarter. Wembley hangovers should be receding and it's time to think about the week ahead. Four teams are kicking their heels on a bye week, Kansas City, New Orleans, Seattle and Jacksonville. Last Week: 11-4 Overall: 38-25

Thursday Night: Arizona (1-3) @ San Francisco (1-3) The Cards were everyone's pre-season darling, but with, now concussed, Carson Palmer looking old they have struggled to score, Drew Stanton replaces him this week. San Fran have been what we expected, competitive but overmatched and will miss Bowman. 'zona can't afford another L. Pick: Cardinals

Sunday Early: New England (3-1) @ Cleveland (0-4) Uh-oh. This is not the Browns lucky week. Ol' Soft Balls is back! Yep, The Sith Lord's favourite chew toy returns at QB. Tom Brady is fired up. Gronk might even show up. The Patsies were Rex'd to a shut out last week, they'll be out to make a point or 50 this. Pick: New England

Philadelphia (3-0) @ Detroit (1-3) The Eagles have had a bye week to rest and bask in the glow of a fast start. Are they for real? So far the D has been stellar, while the O has put up plenty of points. The Lions had looked OK, until they contrived to be the Bears 1st victims of the year. Pick: Philadelphia

Chicago (1-3) @ Indianapolis (1-3) The banged up Bears could be without both their top 2 receivers this week, as Brian Hoyer looks likely to continue in place of Jay Cutler. Indy, meanwhile, get to be guinea pig in an NFL experiment, as the 1st side to play in London and NOT get a bye week afterward. They may be in a week division, but another L here ends their season. Pick: Indianapolis

Tennessee (1-3) @ Miami (1-3) The Titans could be considered an unlucky 1-3 side, they've played most opposition close, but too often they've been attempting furious 4th Qtr comebacks. As for Miami, Hurricane Matthew might be a blessing for them. Word is they plan to stake Ryan Tannehill to the field as a sacrifice, or at least in the hope he ends up somewhere over the rainbow. Pick: Titans

Washington (2-2) @ Baltimore (3-1) Washington are getting their offensive mojo back (and I don't mean making the logo bigger), but, are struggling to keep a healthy set of DBs. The Ravens eventually lost a game they had lost, won, lost & won once more as Michael Crabtree torched them. No doubt Kirk Cousins paid attention. Pick: Washington

Houston (3-1) @ Minnesota (4-0) This looks like it should be close on paper. The Texans though keep losing top defensive players, and are not yet convincing on O. The Vikings might just be the best D in the league, are getting solid play from Sam Bradford and keep rolling along. Yeah, I know....the Vikings!! Pick: Minnesota

NY Jets (1-3) @ Pittsburgh (3-1) This has the look of a blow-out. Ryan Fitz-Tragic took his INT tally to 9 in 2 games. The Jets O is so static he is almost forced to make bad decisions in the hope of something happening. The Steelers took out their Eagle frustrations on a previously stingy Chiefs D. With Revis likely out, Antonio Brown will go Julio Jones out there. Pick: Pittsburgh

Sunday Late: Atlanta (3-1) @ Denver (4-0) Atlanta managed to dismantle Carolina whilst letting them hang around as Ryan and Jones went ballistic for a 500/300 combination, an NFL 1st. Trevor Siemian looks likely to start for Denver, the soft Falcon D shouldn't challenge is dodgy shoulder too much. Denver's D should challenge Matt Ryan et al though. Pick: Denver