World Darts Championship (Night 6)



Here we go then - Dean to throw first and he hits the first max of the night on visit number 3.Sets up a nice finish to take the opening leg

Steady if unspectacular from both players early on. Ronnie misses a 120 shot and lets Winstanley hit 96 to break the throw DW 2-0 RH

100% on the doubles is Deano. Almost hits another maximum but is miles in front and hits a 60 checkout to take the opening set 3-0

Ronnie away in Set 2 but a 58 to kick off is not the best of starts. Especially as Deano hits 59 on his first visit!

Winstanley's nickname is Over The Top but he goes under the lipstick to miss out on a maximum. Slack arrows though hands Ronny the leg

Winstanley seems to have had a brain fart and he's all over the board at the moment. 28 and 24 on 2 visits after an 11 in the previous leg

Dean a wire width away from a 164 check out, just the wrong side of the Bull. Huybrechts misses on 40 and Winstanley capitalises to nick it

Tori Tops

I swear; I'm getting my nails done following you!

Tori Tops

Sooo girly.... Sorry

Neck and neck in the 3rd leg of set 2 - Huybrechts hits on 72 to take it and move 2-1 ahead in legs but trails 1-0 in sets

We are standing up because we love the darts at an increasing rate now as the beers begin to kick in

And the first Yaya/Kolo chant of the night. Surely it should be Ronny/Kim Huybrechts. Ronny levels it up by taking leg 4 and making it 1-1