World Darts Championship (Night 6)



Jenkins should really be tucked up in bed with a hooker or two at this stage, and he knows it. A strong leg here. 140 and 100.

Jenkins with a great chance to break back here and take control again. He leaves 134. He's back to leave TOPS...

TOPS for Jenkins to level the set and give himself the throw for the match...MISS...YES! 2-2 in Set 4. Jenkins throws to win!

Jenkins is making a break for home now. He's left 142 after 9. Young is way back.

Jenkins has left 52. He will have 3 darts at it, at least. TOPS? YES! JENKINS WINS BY 3 SETS TO 1.

Summary of the nights action: Winstanley 2-3 Ronny Huybrechts / Newton 3-1 Reyes / Chizzy 3-0 Rodriguez / Jenkins 3-1 Young.

I've been @NiallHawthorne and earlier you had @clarkyboy72. Thanks for your company tonight and remember we're here tomorrow night too!