World Darts Championship (Night 6)



Ronny, Ronny Ronny, Ronny Ronny, Ronny Ronny Huybrechts. Kimmy, Kimmy Kimmy, Kimmy Kimmy, Kimmy Kimmy Huybrechts etc etc

Here goes Set 3 and Winstanley kicks off with a maximum. 1st 9 dart icon of the night

Winstanley follows up the 180 with...10!! There was a bounce out though to be fair.

Only one word for this. Scrappy darts. - Huybrechts misses tops for a 114 and Winstanley hits it next visit. DW 1-0 RH (1-1)

First max for Huybrechts in leg 2 followed up by a 140 from Winstanley. Nip and tuck again but Huybrechts takes it - All the 1's - 1-1 1-1

C3PO and R2D2 in the crowd as well as table full of insects. Spectators more interesting than the darts in this leg.

Winstanley misses horribly going for Tops and hits the big 5 - Huybrechts misses it as well. Deano hits x8 to check out and take the lead

Huybrechts steps up the pace but Winstanley responds with a 180 - Too late as Ronny checks out to level it at 2-2 in the 3rd - 1 set each

Shanghai finish on 20's for Winstanley takes out the 3rd set and he leads 2-1 in sets

Winstanley hits another maximum. He's been so inconsistent tonight. But looks like he's going to do enough. Huybrechts struggling