World Darts Championship (Night 6)



Ronny does take the opening leg of set 4 with a x18 though. Can he pressure Winstanley from here?

Bed and Breakfast from Winstanley. He smiles, Eric Bristow says it's nothing to smile about. 26 from 3 darts is my standard.

Winstanley with another 180 - Huybrechts almost follows but has a bounce out. Dean can't take out 50 and Ronny takes the leg to go 2-0 up

A 6th maximum from Winstanley followed up by a 36. Sums his night up. Huybrechts takes out 65 to level it at 2 sets all

Crowds interest seems to be elsewhere in the hall. Both players chipping away at the 501 in the opening leg of the decider.

Winstanley needs a 100. Leaves himself tops as Ronny can't hit 112. Misses with 3 darts and Ronny wants 36

Misses with the first and can't hit double 9!!

Here's Winstanley and he hits x5 to take the opening leg

Huybrechts responds by hitting a 180 to start the 2nd leg. Sets up a comfortable hold. 2-2 1-1 - All tied up again

Winstanley hits a 7th maximum - Sublime to the ridiculous in this match from the Yorkie. Misses 3 darts at a double and leaves x2