World Darts Championship (Night 6)



180 from Huybrechts and he needs 138 to win it - Winstanley responds with a 180 of hsi own but is it too late?

Winstanley just too high with a dart at double 9 to take out 138

Huybrechts wants tops. Too high and then too low!! And then he misses double 10 to win it!!

DOUBLE 4 from Winstanley ties it up again!! 4-4

After the drama it's back to the dross. Another leg of darts all over the show. UNTIL HUYBRECHTS TAKES OUT 164!!

This is amazing stuff. Huybrechts leads 5-4 in the decider. Deano needs this to take us to a 1 leg shootout

And of course Winstanley wakes up again. Hits his 9th 180 but Ronny needs 164 again. Only gets 60.


The Belgian comes alive on the closing stages and hits another 104 checkout to win a curate's egg of a match 3-2

Well that was quite a starter!! Up next it's Wes Newton and Christo Reyes.