World Darts Championship (Night 6)



Newton's average is 65.95. How the hell is he still in this set?

I'd be going to the bar at this point. It's all very flat. A bit like the beer I would suspect

Newton has hit the big 5 13 times. And yet he still has a chance to take out 76 to win the set. Misses it

Reyes can't hit 32 though and Newton wins the first set. Darts has been horrific tonight. But the drama is unbelievable


You could have re-written War and Peace during that 1st set.

Stephen Clark (@clarkyboy72)

And it would have been more interesting!

Quality will improve all round in the last two games. And that includes the commentary as Niall Hawthorne steps in!


*Goes to hit the 'like' button* Hang on....GAH!

But you are stuck with me for now. Surely the standard must improve.

It's fancy dress time. Winners are the table full of ants.

Newton's average went up to 67.31 as he took the set. Here is set 2

Newton has a 140!! Reyes has fallen to pieces and Wes make it 4 legs on the spin to go 1-0 up in the 2nd

Tori Tops

Can you imagine how slow that match would be!

Tori Tops

That was for the Wade comment. Not entirely sure why it's here!

James Wade awaits the winner. He must be quaking in his boots.