Texas Rangers

Toronto Blue Jays



Evening All - I know this is an incredibly early start for a game that isn't underway for half an hour or so, but this match has history and it's worth spending a bit of time to catch up on it. So take that half hour and watch this to understand why there is an element of spice behind this American League Divisional Series

So Rougned Odor of Texas scored the controversial run and Jose Bautista home run/bat flip combo became one of THE sporting moments of the year. The two sides met in a couple of highly charged meetings at the start of this season, the last of which saw those two protagonists in Game 5, clash once again.

And all that brings us to tonight. Welcome to Arlington and Game 1 of the American League Divisional Series. This is the Texas Rangers v the Toronto Blue Jays and I'm Stephen Clark bringing this one to you.

Line up cards to come starting with the visiting Blue Jays

TORONTO BLUE JAYS 2B Travis 3B Donaldson 1B Encarnacion DH Bautista C Martin SS Tulowitzki CF Pillar LF Upton Jr RF Carrera P Estrada

TEXAS RANGERS LF Gomez CF Desmond DH Beltran 3B Beltre 2B Odor C Lucroy 1B Moreland SS Andrus RF Choo P Hamels

Are we ready to be entertained??

Cole Hamels pitched in that Game 5 and he is on the mound for the Rangers tonight. Devon Travis leads off for Toronto. Nerves kicking in. I am not a good omen for the Jays on this feed. Blue Jays have been shocking when I'm on duty.

90 degrees in Texas. Hamels throws a strike on the first pitch and we are underway. Travis pops the 2nd pitch close to the seats but Moreland gets across and makes the catch. One away for Toronto

Josh Donaldson up next for Toronto. Slices the first pitch back into the seats. Donaldson falls behind in the count and fouls another couple off to stay alive. Pitch 8 of the at bat is down around his feet and we have a full count. Great patience by Donaldson and he draws a nine pitch walk.