Michael van Gerwen

Gary Anderson



Good evening everyone and welcome to the World Grand Prix final - action coming from Dublin.

It's Michael van Gerwen v Gary Anderson on the oche, and @Ugster1 in the commentary chair.

We join the action in the second set, and MVG already looking ominous - won the first set and 2-1 up in the second, and looking very smooth too. It's the first to three legs to win a set, and first to five sets to win the match.

MVG gets well ahead in the leg, leaves himself d6 with Anderson way behind - and that's a 2-0 lead for the Dutchman.

Here's the stats so far:

MVG doesn't need any help, but he's getting it from Anderson, who's only won one leg and has the rather middling average of 82 after two sets. But the Scotsman looking better here, with some decent scoring in the first leg, including a 61 checkout to take it.

It's one leg all in the third as MVG hits a maximum and stays in control of the leg.

Maximum for Anderson, but van Gerwen had the throw, was first to a finish and only needed two darts for 98 - 2-1 up in the set.

Wow, MVG racing through the match - first to a finish again, leaves 70 - which of course he takes out. That's three sets to zip, nine legs to two overall.

Anderson with the throw in the fourth set, but it's van Gerwen that has the fiest throw at a finish - nearly hits 108 too. Just misses the d20 and Anderson holds.