Washington Nationals

Los Angeles Dodgers



Espinosa out swinging on the foul tip by the looks of it. 2 out. Lobaton up whose 3 run homer is the difference in the game.

Full count as Lobaton refuses to bite on the high fastball.

Lobaton down on strikes. Nationals go in order. Dodgers 2 Nationals 5 - End 8

Seager (1-4, HR), Turner (1-2, 2 walks, run) and Gonzalez (1-4) due up in the 9th for the Dodgers as they look to mount a big comeback. Nationals closer Mark Melancon into the ballgame to try and tie this series up heading to Los Angeles.

The Dodgers probably have the hitters up who they would want in this situation, but down by 3 in the 9th to a top closer in the postseason is a tall order whoever you have up.

Bounced up the middle, Espinosa charges and throws him out. 1 out. Justin Turner up.

Turner proving to be a tough out as ever. Battling away. 2-2 count.

Base hit for Turner to left. 2 hits and 2 walks for him today. 1 on, 1 out for Gonzalez.

Gonzalez with a godawful swing on a pitch miles up out of the strike zone for the strikeout. 1 on, 2 out for Reddick who is 2-4 today with an RBI. Reddick 2-4 with a home run in his career versus Melancon.

Turner takes 2nd on defensive indifference.