Washington Nationals

Los Angeles Dodgers



Inning ending 4-6-3 double play ends the threat. Dodgers 2 Nationals 0 - Mid 3

Roark, Turner (0-1) and Harper (0-1) due up in the home 3rd.

Roark out swinging on 3 pitches. 5th strikeout for Hill. 1 out. Trea Turner up.

Slowest base hit to the outfield of all time as Seager can't come over to cut it off. 1 on, 1 out for Harper.

Harper strikes out swinging on the curveball. Hill's slow curveballs really having a lot of variety in location today. 1 on, 2 out for Werth who struck out last time out.

Back door curveball catches the plate and Werth is out looking. Hill strikes out the side either side of a 1 out single. Dodgers 2 Nationals 0 - End 3

Toles (HBP), Hill (0-1) and Utley (0-2) due up in the Dodgers 4th.

ALDS news! - Red Sox and Indians Game 3 at Fenway Park postponed already due to dodgy weather.

Full count.

Tapped back to Roark who throws Toles out in a 9 pitch at bat. 1 out. Hill up.