Washington Nationals

Los Angeles Dodgers



Grandal out swinging on 3 pitches. Really impatient at bat. Bases loaded, 2 out for Howie Kendrick who is pinch hitting for Toles.

3 outside. 3-0 count.

Dipping liner to LF and caught by Werth coming in and yet again the Dodgers waste a scoring chance. Already looking like one of those days for them. Lack of clutch hitting from them today. Dodgers 2 Nationals 3 - Mid 5

Turner (1-2), Harper (0-2) and Werth (0-2) due up in the home 5th.

Base hit up the middle as Hill can't stop it. 1 on, 0 out for Harper.

Turner steals 2nd easily.

Base hit to left. Hit so hard that Turner is held up at 3rd. Men on the corners, 0 out for Werth.

Popped up and Gonzalez catches in the infield. Men on the corners, 1 out for Murphy who is 1-1 with a walk and a run today.

Borderline pitch called a ball. Hill so wanted that for the strikeout but it was outside. 2-2 count.

Murphy drops one into right centre. He just looks unstoppable. The Nationals doing what the Dodgers have failed to do today, come up with clutch hits. 4-2 Nationals. Men on the corners, 1 out for Rendon who is 0-2 today.