Cleveland Indians

Toronto Blue Jays



Evening All - Game 2 of the ALCS between Cleveland and Toronto. The Indians won Game 1 last night in a close one. Tonight the Blue Jays look to hit back before the show hits the road for Canada. I'm Stephen Clark and I'm in charge of this one tonight - Who will be the hero tonight?

Lets have a look at the Blue Jays line up with first pitch a few minutes away

TORONTO BLUE JAYS LF - Carrera 3B - Donaldson 1B - Encarnacion RF - Bautista SS - Tulowitzki C - Martin DH - Saunders CF - Pillar 2B - Barney P - Happ

CLEVELAND INDIANS CF - Davis 2B - Kipnis SS - Lindor 1B - Napoli DH - Santana 3B - Ramirez LF - Guyer RF - Chisenhall C - Perez P - Tomlin

Great pitching duel last night. Blue Jays bats need to get hot if they are to overcome this Indian side. Really looking forward to this one and we are ready to go.

Ezequiel Carrera leading off for the Jays against Josh Tomlin of Cleveland. Early location issues for Tomlin but Carrera hits a weak grounder to second for the first out of the game

Josh Donaldson is the new man to the plate. He chases a pitch and hits another weak grounder to second base. Two very quick outs for Tomlin

Edwin Encarnacion at 3 for Toronto. Tomlin not throwing many strikes and we have a full count. Encarnacion pulls one foul and needs a new bat. issues with the shadows as the mound id the sunlight but the the plate in the sun. Edwin hits one straight up the middle for Lindor to pick up and throw to first. 3 up 3 down for Toronto in the top of the 1st TOR 0 CLE 0 T1

Rajai Davis (a former Blue Jay) leads off for Cleveland against JA Happ. The Toronto pitcher had 20 wins in the regular season and is likely to be a contender for the Cy Young award for the best pitcher in the league. Davis hits the second pitch he sees into left field where Carrera makes the catch.

Jason Kipnis in next for Cleveland. He hits a 2-2 pitch into centre field but straight at Kevin Pillar. Ground ball outs for the Toronto hitters, Fly balls so far from Cleveland.