Tony Bellew vs BJ Flores: WBC Cruiserweight Title On The Line



Evening fight fans! Tony Bellew against BJ Flores is the main attraction tonight in Liverpool. Looking forward to this one. Not that I'm expecting anything other than a comfy Bellew win. CUE THE MUSIC!

This is the 2nd time I've covered Tony Bellew on this fine website. Here's how I saw the fight at Goodison back in May against Ilunga Makabu.

Want some stats on the two fighters tonight? Aye, alright then. Here you go. Very similar records on paper.

Oh...turns out there is an extra fight on the card. Fitzgerald vs Jones. Never heard of them. Not going to cover it either. Bite me if you want.

Feel free to predict how this one is going to go tonight though. For me, cannot see Tony losing. Can see a KO too. Inside 6. You? (just hit the "reply" button on mobile or "be first" on's dead easy. And fun! Your comment will just pop up straight away. Even if you say something rude...)


Come on bj I got the rent money on you -Christ what have I done

Roddy Graham

You've LITERALLY stuck your house on him?? Homeless by 11pm mate.

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Did anyone see the Joe Murray fight earlier? Contender for KO of the year in this one. Lethal.

Tony Bellew is in his dressing room, clad in an Everton shirt. He's an adult. Yet still wears a football shirt to work. Hmmmmm. For the watching.

This added fight is still on btw. What a way to ruin any atmosphere in the crowd after the Luke Campbell fight. Bizarre decision.

The latest fight odds, via those clever folks at Oddschecker, shows Bellew is a huge favourite. Look away now if you're name is Raymond...


I need a miracle - please

The good news: we're into the 6th and final round of this fight that nobody cares about. The bad news: we're on Sky with a Hearn fight so expect the Bellew ring walk around 2am...

Robert S Cross

Perfect, just after the Tigerless golf finishes :)

Roddy Graham

Haha! At least Casey is up there.

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