Moto GP: Japan

Moto GP


Hello everybody! I'm Ewan (@ewanssports) here with coverage of the Japanese GP! I have started early so I can give you some news of earlier in the weekend. Pedrosa is out of this GP as he fractured his collarbone in a highside in FP2, Get well soon! But he has been replaced for this GP by Aoyama Iannone is still out sadly, but Lowes is no longer replacing Smith as Smith is back!

Just to remind you of the stakes... The current championship standings: Marquez 248 Rossi 196 Lorenzo 182 Pedrosa 155 Vinales 149

If Marquez gets 75 points ahead of anyone else or more then he has won the MotoGP world championship right here. The Grid for today: Rossi, Marquez, Lorenzo Dovizioso, Crutchlow, A.Espagaro Vinales, Barbera, P.Espagaro Petrucci, Redding, Bautista Barbera, Miller, Smith Nakasuga, Hernandez, Rabat Laverty, Baz, Jones Aoyama

The warm up lap has begun. We're about to start! Come on Rossi!

We're off!

Marquez leads, but then the yamahas of Rossi and Lorenzo pass him. It's Lorenzo, Rossi, Marquez. But Marquez dives down the inside of Rossi! A.Espagaro in 4th, Dovizioso 5th, Crutchlow 6th.

Rossi and Marquez now switching places. Vinales passed Crutchlow for 6th. 22 laps to go!

Laverty has crashed! He seems ok. Rossi going fast in 3rd, fastest in fact. Marquez passes Lorenzo! He's off, Marquez trying to get away. Rossi now trying as hard as he can to pass Lorenzo 20 laps to go as Marquez is now flying away

After 2 laps Rossi passes Lorenzo, Now Rossi's got a chase to do, Dovizioso goes to 4th after passing A.Espagaro. Miller has crashed at Turn 1! Fast crash! Rossi hass CRASHED! ROSSI DOWN!

He's ok and he's going for points now, but no, he's pitted. What drama! If Lorenzo finishes 4th or lower then Marquez has won the Championship! Barbera down! Everyone keeps crashing at turn 1, barbera's going for points. Marquez is now 2 seconds ahead of Lorenzo.