Blue Jays




It's game 4 of the ALCS. but first some music.

Yup, the Blue Jays are drinking here tonight:

The good news for Jays fans? They're at the Dome, the roof is closed and it will be LOUD! Aaron Sanchez takes the mound for his first ALCS start. He went 6-1 at home.

Cleveland counter with Corey Kluber, who started Game 1 (a 2-0 win). But, he has never pitched on less the 4 days rest in his career. He's pitching on just the 3 tonight.

The good news keeps coming for the Jays. Only once has a team come from 3-0 down in a LCS to win the series. That was the 2004 Boston Red Sox, a side managed by one Terry Francona.* *current manager of Cleveland

This is your Cleveland batting line up.

Blue Jays taking the field, still in their blue alternate uniforms

DH, Carlos Santana will lead off for Cleveland. They also sporting a (darker) blue uniform

It's been a tight series so far, Cleveland have had the bullpen and coaching well as having the luck to see the Jays blink first in all the crucial moments. Game on. First pitch a ball, 2nd fouled off

Santana strikes out swinging at a 3-2 pitch inside. 1 out.