Denver Broncos

Houston Texans



About 12 minutes from kickoff in Denver between the Broncos and the Texans. Tom Jackson is back.

Chris Berman and Mike Shanahan are in the studio in Bristol talking. MIke Shanahan as a special analyst.

Brock Osweiler goes back to Denver. It is the Red Carpet Kickoff as the AFC South leading Texans travel to Denver.

Last week, Denver lost on the road to the San Diego Chargers, while the Texans beat the Colts after a 14 point comeback, in overtime.

"No Other Night is Monday Night!"

We are getting ready in Denver. Kickoff in a few minutes.

Gruden looking at the blueprint of keeping them in the 3-4 defense.

National anthem is done. We are getting ready to start here in Denver. Gorgeous 72 degree night with clear skies and limited breeze.

Houston starts off, and they will get it at the 25 yard line. Brock Osweiler comes out and is booed by the Denver Bronco fans.

Houston 29th in points per game in NFL. Osweiler hands it off to Lamar Miller. 2 yards. 14:50 1st.