Newcastle United

Preston North End



GOOD EVENING YOU BLACK AND WHITE LOVING BASTARDS! Yes, after a long break, your favourite minute-by-minute service returns for the visit of some former cricket club to St James' Park to become the latest victim of Rafa-ball. It's the League Cup...CUE THE MUSIC!!

You no doubt know the team news by now but if not, here's the starting 11 for Newcastle United Football Club this Tuesday evening for the match against Preston North End (formerly a cricket club).

Tonight's match sees Champions League and Club World Cup winning manager Rafa "Just Looking At Me Makes You A Better Player" Benitez take on the no-time Champions League not-even Club World Cup participant Simon "Who??" Grayson. Nope. Never heard of him either. And don't even tell me that you know. I don't care.

The promise for this match tonight is that it's being beamed around the world on Danish, US and Middle Eastern telly. And my normally reliable streaming service is...well...not that reliable just now. No feed. With 6 minutes to go. I *really* don't want to type updates off the radio. Again.

3 minutes until kick off...and I have zero pictures on my telly box. I've never minute-by-minute'd being frustrated by an illegal stream before. It could be coming to a device near you in seconds.

I HAVE IMAGES ON MY TELLY BOX!!! LIVE FROM ST JAMES' PARK!!!! TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!! If there is actually anyone out there, do chip in with the odd comment. It'll keep me sane if nothing else.

Super noise inside the stadium by the sounds of things from my telly. 48,000 for a League Cup last 16 match? Crazy. We're underway. And I am looking forward to this one. A lot.

First observation of the night...there's a couple of Preston players with absolutely gash hairdo's. Ones even Yer Da would be embarrassed to be associated with. On the footballing side of things, nothing of note has happened. No early goals like the weekend. Mitro has just picked up the ball...burst forward...fed Atsu. Shot blocked. He's up for it tonight is the mad Serb.

Cool, calm, composed possession at the back. This is not how I fell in love with NUFC. But it is enjoyable. Mitro up the other end hound the goalie into conceding a throw in. Poor keeper just turtle headed his shorts.

Tidy move with Dummett, Diame and Mitrovic almost pays off. Sadly the mad man can't quite get a hold of the ball on the edge of the box. Move over. Looking very sharp on the ball all over the pitch so far. Splendid.