Mexican GP: Qualifying



Good evening and welcome to a feast of wrestlers in masks & F1 drivers with Día de Muertos painted faces - yes it's this...

The practice times were a bit freaky, with Vettel and the RB twins all showing promise, but the track was kind of busy at quali simulation time. And Lewis seemed on it.

This is a power circuit, tight turns & long straights so it really should be a Merc benefit. What circuit isn't though?

Q1 has just begun. One driver that's not really shown up so far this weekend is Nico Rosberg, but he grabbed pole last year (and won the race), so was he sandbagging?

Tyres are medium, soft & supersoft for the weekend. I expect the front guys to maybe look at getting through Q2 on softs as per the usual these days.

Grosjean's Haas going sideways McRae stylee right now - looks good but not the best way to a quick time. He's been told to calm the open criticism on the radio these days - a shame. Otherwise it would be "merde!"

This is the highest GP on the calendar by a fair bit at about 2,200m - the height of the average European ski resort. The air will be thin, and that will give the engineers a unique challenge.

The top 6 right now are RAI, VET, VES, HAM, RIC, BOT (ROS is 8th) Nobody expected that!!

Kimi is 3/10ths clear of Vettel with a 1.19.554

And Lewis pops up at the top, 1/10th ahead of Kimi - normal service resumed... ...ish. ERI, GRO, NAS, OCO, GUT, PAL at the bottom of the charts for now.