Hell in a Cell



Sasha locks in the Banks Statement, but Charlotte slides out of the ring. Smart.

Sasha knees Charlotte onto a chair from the second rope. Almost the 3 count, but Charlotte just kicks out. This is great.

Charlotte slams Sasha into the steps face first and she's away under the ring once again. She's doing the D'von!

Charlotte gets kicked through the table she just set up on the outside after Sasha manages to avoid the superplex.

Sasha's turn to go under the ring and she's got herself a table. Charlotte isn't having it though and uses the table to slam Sasha into the cage.

Figure 4 locked in by Charlotte! Sasha grabs a chair though and smashes Charlotte with it forcing her to break the hold.

Charlotte delivers backbreaker after backbreaker to Sasha. Goes for the pin, but Sasha kicks out. Charlotte's feeling it now though... Sasha is barely hanging on.

Sasha is on the table in the ring, Charlotte goes up top looking for the moonsault but Sasha isn't having it and gets up before Charlotte can set up.

CHARLOTTE WINS! NEW RAW WOMENS CHAMPION! Charlotte hits natural selection on Sasha Banks and we have a new champion.

Decent match by those two, but I don't think it ended the way it was supposed to. I love Sasha Banks, but Charlotte is your new Raw Women's Champion.